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My Family Loves Our Local Jazz And Dance Academy

Local Jazz And Dance Academy

My family loves our local jazz and dance academy. We get there every Wednesday night together, although my kids have to go there more often for their dance classes and rehearsals. It’s good that we all have a place to visit together, although truth be told, I’m kind of glad that we don’t all actually participate in the same activities while we’re there.

My husband was a little dubious at first when I mentioned the place. I know he loves jazz, but he was a little shocked I wanted to take jazz dancing lessons with him. He was afraid I was looking for a way to turn it into ballroom dancing. Well, I actually not too fond of ballroom dancing anyway.

My daughters were stoked to find out they could take dance lessons with other kids their own age. They’re hoping to be cheerleaders once they get to junior high school. And, having a dance class in the same academy at the same time spares us a trip, carpooling, and babysitters.

At first, we thought we might need a babysitter for our son, who adamantly refused to check this place out and go with us. My husband just smiled and said he’d take care of it. Apparently he took our son to scope the place out, and when my son realized there were lots of girls there, he was all in.

It’s nice having a chance to dance with my husband at the jazz and dance academy without worrying about our kids. We know they are just down the hall and having their own fun. Somehow we’ve figured out how to have family time away from home without all having to be together the whole time. It makes a nice boost in the middle of the week.

A good way to make some extra cash as a student

cash and students

We all know the age-old adage that students are strapped for cash and students need more cash to pay for tuition, books and alcohol. Many students therefore hold 1 or more part-time jobs. Several startups have tried to cash in on this fact. For example there several job-opening websites, job agencies and some more specific businesses that cater to moving houses.

In Holland there is startup called ‘Studenten Verhuis Service’. They offer cheap moving services and use Students as a work-force. Another startup provides thesis-help to students by students. Here a student can place a project and student-helpers can respond with an offer to help with the thesis (or scriptiehulp as it is called in The Netherlands).

5 Unique Ways to Gain More Facebook Likes

Gain More Facebook Likes

Everyone wants to be identified personally and noticed in life, and in the social aspect of networking through the web!

To better assist you in understanding how you can gain more Facebook Likes- we have comprised a list of techniques and solutions for you to explore:

#1 Share everything:

Do not think or write something or do anything without sharing it with your Facebook audience. The key is quantity and the quality will weed itself out in the long-end. Share other’s posts, like them, and then share more unique things that can better help you establish a reputation and following on Facebook.

#2 Automate your social performance:

Websites no matter what content management system from Joomla, HTML to wordpress all have the plugins and code to automate your social network feed. You can connect them so they auto publish and that they maintain that your Facebook feed is ample and interesting. You just need the login and pass- and the plugin or program does it all for you;)

#3 Interact & respond personally:

You cannot expect to post anything and for someone to like , respond, and interact with it- unless you too, respond back- like back, react accordingly. The best thing you can do is to interact with your audience, friends, and client base. Answer questions and comments immediately- to let them get a more personal feel and they will continue to respect you and share through the vine of social network good things about you- reputation=exposure= financial stability.

#4 Reshare hot topics & get opinionated:

There is nothing like hot topics and being opinionated with controversy that gets you more exposure and attention. Do not be afraid to cross the line- the publicity it reaps and how you handle it can actually fuel your success even more-so by getting you viral Facebook likes.

#5 Purchase Facebook Likes legally:

If all else fails and you are in immediate, urgent need to gain some facebook likes there are many agencies that can assist you with this factor. This is completely legal and they know all of the techniques that can drive you to success and to meet your needs. Just choose the best- this service is inexpensive and well worth it- if You have had NO luck with all other options.

It’s become really important for someone to really stand out (especially when it comes to building a presence for financial purposes to sell products or gain more traffic to your blog or website.)

So try some of these tips on our list or combine them and we really feel confident that you will notice an enormous difference!

The Importance of Facebook in Your Business

Facebook in Your Business

What do you feel when somebody like your posts? How about when somebody followed your Facebook page?

Admit it, you somehow feel good. Getting a large number of likes and followers mean that more and more people are becoming aware of your product, services or your personal page. This means creating brand awareness and connection to different people. That is why this is important for businesses because it helps them reach more market and increase their sales.

Having a lot of likes and followers is also an indication that your product is effective, worth it and basically, good. This can influence how other people think towards your business. For example, a certain person sees that your page has over a thousand likes, therefore, he will automatically think that your brand is worth trying. He may also start to build trust on your business even before liking it. Thus, likes can turn non-consumers into actual consumers.

Your Facebook is a powerful tool to communicate with your audience and using it properly give your business a higher chance to succeed and become stable. Therefore, once people are already in your page, develop ways on how to make your page engaging. Build rapport and create promotions so that people can become active on your website. Also, you can encourage them to tell their friends to like your page.

Aside from asking your followers for their friends to like your page, you can also opt for buying Facebook likes. Most people who buy likes are guaranteed to improve their business in terms of brand awareness, sales and growth. A lot of businesses had made their way to popularity since most people are liking their brand and these likes are attracting more and more people. Thus, their sales increase and their businesses have become stable. Imagine, just by investing for likes, your short business may have a bigger and better return.

How to Use Facebook for Marketing Your Business

Facebook for Marketing Your Business

Facebook has evolved to become more than just a mode of communication and an expression of one’s thoughts and opinions. It has now become a platform for starting a business and marketing existing ones. The best thing about using Facebook for marketing is that it does not entail additional costs unlike other methods of starting and advertising about a business.

How Do You Market Your Business on Facebook?

Here are the ways to engage in Facebook marketing:

* Maximize and Optimize the Use of Your Facebook Business Page
This is the avenue for you to identify what type of business you are, what your brand is, and what products and services you offer. This dedicated page is where you can post messages to your target market, make announcements, share relevant posts, and do other activities that will improve customers’ awareness about your business so be sure to maximize its use and optimize its elements.

* Use Classic Ads to Market on Facebook
At the side of Facebook, you will see a dedicated column for ads. This is a traditional click through add that will lead interested Facebook users to your business website, which is outside the Facebook platform. It may also land on another Facebook page, depending on where the click through is programmed to be directed. The ad will be composed of a headline and an image along with the click-through link.

* Run Contests on Facebook
This method will help you earn Facebook likes and shares that will lead to increased brand awareness. Likes and shares are social signal that will affect your search engine ranking. Using contests as a way to improve your online presence will also help build relationships with your customers. Providing them with occasional contests and prizes will help them relate your business to a rewarding experience wherein they literally receive a reward.