Preparing your house for an upcoming storm

You may remember our last post about the right time of buying your house. Well here are some tips on how to keep it safe for an upcoming storm. Don’t you wish you can travel to a sunny place and avoid it all together?

When a storm comes, you must be prepared. You do not just prepare foods and your security for the upcoming storm. But, you also need to prepare your house, especially if your roof is getting old. Now, to make sure that you are prepared for upcoming storms, you have to look for a Roofing Company that will inspect the roof.

A Roofing Company is needed to insure the security of your roof because as experts, we guarantee your safety. Therefore, you will have less worries when the storm hits your area.

If you don’t prepare for an upcoming storm, you will like suffer from various roof damages, such as:

  • Leakage
  • Pulled off Roof
  • Pipe Damages
  • Removed Nails

Now, if you would like to avoid experiencing such damages, then it is a must to go for a Roofing Company.

How preparation is made

Preparing for an upcoming storm is essential for every homeowner. So, we have here some of the services that a reliable Roofing Company offers.


One of the best things that a Roofing Company is to clean the roof. You might have trees around your place. So, we have to make sure that leaves are removed from the roof and gutters. Dirt may cause the stagnant water in the drainage of the roof. So, it is a must to clean the area.

Repairs and Installation

After cleaning, damages in the roof will be more visible. Therefore, it must be fixed and repaired. If there are missing nails, then it must be replaced. A cement for roofs or adhesive is also necessary. It is used on the shingles, especially on the edges. This will add strength to the connection of the roof and the rafters.

Those are just a few of the minor repairs that are commonly done by a Roofing Company. But, when it comes to major damages, renovations and repairs. You can surely get a guaranteed quality service.

A Roofing Company also offers installation of metal hurricane clips. These clips are connected to the walls inside the house. It is another way of providing support to your roof. Therefore, pulling off the roof during the storm with strong wind is prevented.

There are also situations, where trees or branches fall on the roof during the storm. When this happens, you can always count on the roofing companies to fix your roof problems.


It is also a must to make sure that the roof is strong enough because too much wind during the storm may pull off the roof. Again, regular inspection is necessary.

There are various companies providing roofing services, but it is not that easy to find a trusted and a reliable company with an excellent service. Always remember that these companies do not just work for the payment that you will give. They are experts and professionals in this field. But, they do not collect money for their own benefit alone. They work to give the best service at a very affordable price.

Perth City: A local masterpiece

Perth City is a mixture of pleasant climate, vibrant colors, warmth neighborhoods and stunning beaches. Plus, it offers cultural hotspots, underground train line, and huge mining pit, alfresco dining, bar-bistros and relaxed urban vibe. Apparently, these components exist in harmony in Perth.

You can enjoy more sunny days than in other capitals of Australia. You can also get to explore their Kings Park which is the largest inner-city park in the world or visit the Rottnest Island where the quokkas are the main attraction. The Fremantle’s winding portside streets, their gallery precinct, and the museum also give tourists that historical feel.

The Best City to Live

According to the 2015 Global Liveability ranking of The Economist, Perth is one of the fastest growing cities across the globe. People are living a stress-free lifestyle while enjoying city perks. It’s like having an outdoor lifestyle with an easy commuting system. There are various inner-city developments like the Waterbank, Perth Arena, and the city skyline.

What most of us like about Perth is that everyone can have a balanced work and play because of the nearby beaches, waterways, bar scenes and green zones. So yeah, you can get the best of both worlds. They also have shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Food lovers and wine enthusiasts will surely enjoy the Elizabeth Quay where they can find places for a delicious dining experience. The Quay also offers activities such as sea plane rides, cruises and gondola rides. Now that sounds adventure to us!

Rich in Arts and Culture

Aside from getting a sun-kissed skin and salty hair, tourists are also after the rich tradition of Perth, and that is what the Perth Cultural Center has to give. To see an extensive collection of Aboriginal art, you can go to the Art Gallery of Western Australia or visit the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts to watch current exhibitions.

Since the city is in the midst of urban development, the villages such as the Leederville and Mount Lawley follows suit. They have edgy restaurants pubs, farmers market, multicultural food stores and clothing shops.

The New York Times branded Perth City as “hipster heaven” and is now considered as one of the most exceptional outdoor cities. The locals feel that they are the luckiest people on earth since they get the chance to enjoy the water while still living a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

When to stop holidaying and buy a house?

Yu may be asking yourself, should I stop travelling and settle down. Buy a house perhaps? Well keep reading and ponder!

People will usually ask “when is a good time to buy a house” and the answer is it depends. It will rely on an individual’s circumstances and goals. But, if you are persistent to know, continue reading.

The location is a crucial factor to consider. Proper timing also has a significant impact on how much you will pay. Based on some research, October is the best month for home buyers. The best day is Monday, and the perfect date is October 8.

  • According to RealtyTrac, most homes that were purchased in October have a 2.6% discount from the current fair market value. Realtors also advise their clients not to sell their home until spring while they tell home buyers that it is a great opportunity. It is because most home sellers are motivated to sell their property through the holidays which is off-season
  • There is less competition during this time since fewer buyers are in the marketplace. Aside from October, the best months would be February, July, December and January which is according to statistics.

Peak season includes spring and summer. Some will advise you to buy a house during this time since you will have more options. However, it also translates to tough competition and higher prices. That is the reason why others think that fall and winter seasons are the best times for home shopping.

Aside from the numbers above, timing is crucial when it comes to this life-changing purchase. The statistics won’t help if you don’t consider the following factors before pulling the trigger.

FINANCES – apparently, this is the biggest part of the equation. Make sure that you have the following;

  • Downpayment (DP) – you need to have a sizable down payment before lenders allow the mortgage that you want. While some can require you as little as 5% DP, other will ask you to scrape 20% of home’s value. You can also check some down payment assistance programs to see if you are qualified.
  • Monthly Mortgage- how much mortgage you can afford? If you have a higher salary but also have a higher debt, it could be a not so good sign. There are mortgage calculators online where you can check if you can plug in your income and debts for the monthly mortgage.
  • Good credit standing- your credit score will measure how efficient you are in paying your past debts. Remember that lenders take this numbers seriously and increase your chance to land a higher loan. If you don’t have a credit history, get it now. Lenders prefer to see at least one year of payment.

MARKET CONDITIONS- like any other business, housing markets have its highs and lows. It is impossible to find the perfect timing, but still, the market conditions can give home buyers a little incentive. Try looking through listings in your area.

In general, houses that are on the market for more than six months means the market is slow, so the prices are steady. But, if the properties were bought in weeks or months, expect for buyer bidding wars which tend to drive up the prices. Likewise, the interest rates for home loans fluctuate according to the market conditions.