Our recent travel to Perth

Some of you might remember that we featured an article about Perth (Western Australia). This time we wanted to share our recent stay there. The paragraphs below is a summary of our travel diary during our 5 days stay there.

Perth, sometimes known as the most isolated city in the world, is also known to be a “boring city”. But from our very own experience it is everything but boring! You see, everyone’s definition of exciting is different. To me, being unique is somewhat exciting.

Day 1

After our long trip from London, we finally touched down at Perth international airport. It was winter time, so the temperature was relative cold.. though we’ve become accustomed to it (coming from London). After stepping out of the airport at around 2 pm, our very first impression of Perth was that of “fresh air”. Another first impression is that of “relaxed lifestyle”. Maybe it was because the airport was relatively quite, compared to where we came from! And we’re loving the trip already! We headed straight to our hotel in the city to freshen up. Took a quick nap and got ready for dinner.

Day 2

Waking up early at around 6 in the morning, we took the taxi to the Perth Zoo. On the way there, we asked the taxi driver about the normal stuff that driver and passenger talk about. Eg. how long he’s been working as a driver etc etc. From our conversation we found out that he previously worked for a skip bins hire company based south of the river. This bin hire company was very well known to the locals here. although he doesn’t work there full time anymore, he still help out whenever he can during the busy period. This lead into our early perception that the people of Perth is helpful and loyal. anyways, shout out to this skip bin hire company!

Our visit to the zoo was good. It was very memorable since it is the first time we have seen a koala up close and personal.

koala in perth

Day 3

After hearing a lot about how awesome the beaches are here in Perth, we planned our third day here visiting the west coast. We went to places called Trigg beach, Sorrento and City Beach. The view looking out to the horizon is amazing. Clean blue water and good enough waves to go surfing on. So if you are a keen surfer we highly recommend taking your surfboard here. We’ve also been told that there are better beaches to go surfing. But unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to explore them all!

Day 4

We pretty much spent the whole day walking around the city and Northbridge. It was an eye-opener to say the least! The city had a relaxed atmosphere and the we found the locals to be very friendly. We ate at several spots like the Pancake place at the Carillion. They had two buskers in the city hall playing the guitar and singing pop music.

Day 5

This is our final day before heading back. It felt like we only arrived yesterday. That is how quick the time has past. I guess we were having too much fun! Before flying out, we went and visited Fremantle and had lunch at Kailis; a very famous seafood eatery. In fact, asked anyone who has visited Perth and they would of most likely had visited this eatery.